Fane- "The Hidden Falls Retreat" EP

Upon my arrival in the UK back in September 2021, I placed an ad on one of those musician websites (that heady lunatics don't normally pay much attention to) half assed looking for someone to work on some songs with. Luckily for me, Mr. James Bandenburg happened to be lurking around this same website and, within a few hours, contacted me as it seemed we had a handful of tune-kicks in common. We got together a few times and strummed around/cobbled some ideas together but the sessions seemed to get lost in the ether.  I started working full time, got in my family routine, booted up the blog and got lost in electronic sound tinkering so scheduling commitments to other humans for the sheer pleasure of the jam became kind of difficult for a chump like me. Fortunately, James had mentioned that he recorded music on his lonesome under the guise of Fane and when I finally got around to listening, I was elevated by his efforts. Nice belt right on my path! I reached out to James and requested that he send something over to Fruit Of The Spirit for us to share. A month and a half later he hustled over Fane's "The Hidden Falls Retreat" EP. 

According to Fane's bio, "Fane is based in Brighton, UK and creates Gnostic ambient folk song and Neolithic psy-drone influenced by the ancient lands and structures that surround us. He tells vivid stories of wayshrines, pilgrimages and Earth magic. He released his debut album, "Follow The Map", in 2018 on Brighton-based Ceremonial Laptop, followed by a second self-released album, "Geomancer", in 2019. Recent times have seen the release of several EPs exploring a reconnection to nature found during lockdown. The future sees new sounds and new imaginations being explored." 

You can find more of Fane's music via their Bandcamp here and if you're a Facebook user, you can follow Fane's page here. Download for his new EP "The Hidden Falls Retreat" can be downloaded for free here. Thank you James for sharing these sounds with us. 



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