The Myriad Moods of Brian Lucas

Brian Lucas is an artist, musician and poet currently residing in Oakland, CA, US. Brian seamlessly flows between mediums with a sense of ecstasy, fire and freedom. His music projects include Old Million Eye, Angel Archer and DWLVS. Showing his art for a handful of years in group and solo exhibits, Brian was kind enough to send us a few paintings, watercolors and ink drawings to present herein. Lucky for us (and you!), Brian included a hefty Old Million Eye compilation of material spanning 2006-2022 entitled "The Myriad Moods of..." which include unreleased songs and one song from an upcoming release (link after album info). Please don't forget to click the additional links to Brian's sites for further wormholes into his world(s). Old Million Eye has an LP coming out this year called "The Air's Chrysalis Chime" on Feeding Tube Records/Cardinal Fuzz" and also coming down the line in the next few months is a self released Old Million Eye CD called "Lone Receiver" so be on the look out for these players. We're pleased as punch to share this with you all. Big thanks to Brian for all of his amazing work. Peace everyone. 

Old Million Eye- "The Myriad Moods Of..."

Ash Sorter (from the cassette, "Set & Drift" 2020, Misophonia Records)

Chrysalis Trails (unreleased, from "The Air's Chrysalis Chime" session, the forthcoming 2022 LP from Feeding Tube Records/Cardinal Fuzz)

Close Seas (from the CD-R, "Heights Unseen" 2006, Yen Agat, Bangkok, Thailand)

Crosswind Fade (unreleased, from the "Future Wonder" session 2021)

Free Energy Motor (from the upcoming CD, "Lone Receiver" 2022, Andrew Joron: theremin)

I Labour Upwards into Futurity (from the 2021 LP, "The Incandescent Switch" on Feeding Tube Records)

Longer Light (from "Quartz High," an album in progress)

Lost Map (from the CD-R, "Heights Unseen" 2006, Yen Agat, Bangkok, Thailand)

Now Land III 
(from the CD-R/booklet "Now Land" 2020, self-released)
Now Land IV

Rain Melt (from the cassette, "Future Wonder" 2021, Listen to the Voice of Fire)

Snow Daze Charm (unreleased, from "The Air's Chrysalis Chime" session, Steven R. Smith: drums/Kevin Van Yserloo: violin/electronics)

Temple of Sinawava (from the cassette "Warm Alliance with the Outside" 2020, Eiderdown Records/Feathered Coyote Records)

Way to Fall (from the cassette/booklet, "Future Wonder" 2021, Listen to the Voice of Fire)


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