Junk Orbit- "S/T"

Based out of New Haven, CT and Springfield, MA, Junk Orbit are Kryssi Battalene (Headroom, Mountain Movers, Loose Trucks) and Tony Pasquarosa (Crystalline Roses, Burnt Envelope, World Domination, Frozen Corn, Gluebag, SQRM, Weeping Bong Band, etc.). This self titled ep encompasses four tracks of spaced out instrumental glass performed via drum machine, synthesizer, bass and guitar. Artwork by Tony. Download is listed after track titles. Enjoy! 

1. “Skating On Europa”

2. “Junk Orbit”

3, “Plutonian Ice Volcano”

4. “Exoplanet Ross 128b”

Download Junk Orbit- “S/T”

Photo by Conrad Capistran 


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