"I Am My Art And My Art Is Me"- A Peek Into The Uncanny Worlds Of Giselle Bolotin

Giselle Bolotin (born in Germany) is an artist currently based in Australia. Giselle has been drawing since a young age. Her father Boris (Russian born) was an artist and started to teach Giselle early on in her life.  Bolotin attended art college for four years then went on to teach secondary school art. According to Giselle, "I used to paint much more conventional, but about ten years ago I had a spiritual awakening." Giselle studied various esoteric artists, teachers and writers such as Austin Osman Spare, Dion Fortune among others, as well as studying with a couple of esoteric lodges. Bolotin said via email: "Then my art began to change, it begot a life of its own … I am just the instrument now and I allow to come through what needs to evolve." Giselle is currently creating a set of oracle cards for The Silent Eye School and will be in the UK in May with the directors of the school to continue work with said cards. Giselle currently has her work on display at the Cabinet of the Solar Plexus exhibit in Dublin (March 24-April 23). "Dolorosa (De La Cruz, Cabinet of the Solar Plexus project coordinator) and I have been following each other’s art for some time on Instagram. She got in touch and asked me for art for the Solar Plexus show." Giselle has also created a few book covers for esoteric author Alan Richardson. We at Fruit of the Spirit would like to thank Giselle for sharing her work with us. 





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